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Parliamentary Procedure Training

Have a Professional Registered Parliamentarian come and speak to your group!

I can help your members understand what to say and when to say it. Have more efficient meetings where all members know what's going on, have the ability to fully participate, and full confidence that the results are fair.

Have many new (or even veteran!) members who lack the grasp of parli. pro. to feel confident at your meetings? Bring in someone who can teach and guide your members to the path of enlightenment. I can provide engaging and fun training to organizations of all sizes and purposes. Even as short as a one-hour session can do WONDERS for groups looking for a little more organization and participation.

Nothing makes me, as a teacher and as a PRP, happier than getting in front of a group and seeing the light bulbs go on. And, we'll strive for nothing less. We want everyone to know not just the rules, but the reasonings for the rules. When you've experiences the training we offer, you have a deeper and more fundamental understanding of the rules. But, more important, you'll feel that you ENJOYED learning more.
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