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Engaging Engagements.

We've all been there. The meeting that went too long. That speech that was way off the mark. The speaker who didn't know their audience. The group in the back laughing, and not at the jokes.

Speaking is supposed to be about passion. It is supposed to be about bringing to a realization. That's what we provide.

Allow us to help you make your meeting or convention more interesting, with any of the following speaking topics:

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Lifelong Learning

I was studying Math. Don't get me wrong, I shouldn't have been there. But I did learn at least a LIFE lesson. The more you find that you know, the more you discover that there's so much more you don't know.

Even (or especially?) in our instant information age of enlightenment, we must always be learning. "Learn something new every day." We've all heard it. We've all said it. But do you live it? Or at least try?

Technology in Business

Technology is one of the hardest areas to get a grasp on, especially when it comes to its impact on business. Is it a cost center? A competitive advantage? An unfortunate necessity? How to we manage IT? Like R & D? Like marketing? Like any other aspect of the business?

Good question. Let us help answer it!

Software Development Success

We're all looking for the silver bullet that spells success for our software and IT projects. Let our speakers come in and dispense some helpful advice and best practices.

Tech Workers in the Business World

How do we keep our best technical workers happy? Believe it or not, many IT workers LIKE to have the hardest problems facing the company handed to them. This is just one of MANY ideas that we can help your managers understand to aid your business keep YOUR workers happy (and productive!).

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