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Why not bring in a professional to run the meeting? Third-party, unbiased, professional presiding officers bring an environment of respect, authority, and accuracy to any meeting. I have served as professional presiding officers over many meetings, both calm and heated, with the utmost professionalism. Consider engaging me to deliver these same results to YOUR next meeting.

As presiding officer, I have served for national, state, and local organizations. I have managed with annual meetings and contested elections. I maintain calm and order during even the most heated of debates. And, I have the personable attitude to make everyone feel that even if they didn't get their way, they were heard fairly and that the process worked.

A professional presiding officer allows the entire organization to know that the meeting and debate are conducted professionally, unbiased, and fairly for everyone involved.

KDW Consulting has a firm commitment to non-profit ideals. Discounts and other promotions for non-profits are available, just ask!!!
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